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Whether you are inspecting power lines, railroad tracks or oil pipelines, Avision platform offers essential services to plan the BVLOS operation, authorize the flight, and monitor operation execution. Police, firemen, and first responders perform critical life-saving work with the help of drones nationwide. We assist with fleet operations management, real-time video streaming, and remote identification. Support safe and compliant drone operations with AirMap’s Global UTM Platform. That’s why we partner with regulators, authorities, enterprises, UAS solution providers, and pilots to develop the digital infrastructure, standards, and services for drones to fly safely at scale.

Hi, my name is Richard J. Gross and I’m a full-time Airbus pilot and commercial drone business owner. I got into drones in 2015 when I started doing aerial photography for real estate companies. I had no idea what I was getting into at the time, but it turns out that police were called on me shortly after I started flying. They didn’t like me flying my drone near people, so they asked me to come train their officers on the rules and regulations for drones.

Each package has its own set of pros and cons, but all of them should be considered if you want to make sure your drone mapping process is efficient and streamlined. Some of the app’s features include data sharing across organizations and cost reduction. Our Umanned Aerial Vehicle empowers with the distortion free orthomosaic map representation for smart agriculture practices. It is even integrated with 3D modeling API interface for efficient image processing. Skysense Airspace Perimeter Protection is made up of a network of easily deployed RF-based sensors capable of detecting and tracking drones and its pilots. PlaneSight is an ADS-B receiver intended for professional users with exceptional requirements.

What is Drone Management Software?

The Pix4D’s four key photogrammetry and geospatial software applications are PIX4Dmapper, PIX4Dsurvey, PIX4Dmatic, and PIX4Dcloud. Drone Deploy is a company that offers drone services ranging from drone fleet management to full site documentation and analysis. Agriculture, construction, oil and gas, renewable energy, roofing, property management, and mining and quarries are some of the industries that the company serves. It deals purely with data and does not interface with a drone at all. If you’re thinking of creating automated flight missions, you will need to look for a separate software solution. With planning and data analysis in mind, good software is an essential tool in drone mapping.

Drone Software Solutions

Manage episodic maintenance events and synchronize with inspection calendar. DroneLogbook is the industry leader for automating importing flight logs. We support more file types than any other drone compliance software provider. Your UAV operations require a growing and diverse fleet to perform the expanding number of jobs being assigned.

The packages which are more affordable require additional work on your part, such as stitching images together or manually creating ground control points . If you have a large team, it will likely be necessary to look at software with collaboration tools built-in from the beginning. Other things you might consider are automation, support for multiple types of sensor data, and extensibility. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. The gadget should have drone imaging software that can analyze and send data to the owner quickly in order to prevent a rockburst or gas explosion. Along with the UAV software, the gadget and its remote control are connected to each other through the Wi-Fi network.

Precision Agriculture Drone Software

They have a very streamlined website and user interface, and boast some of the biggest names in industry as their clients. Their claim-to-fame is extreme precision & survey grade accuracy along with being able to process data from almost any aerial imaging platform. Specialized User Base – Compared to other drone mapping software, the user-interface is complicated and clunky and takes some time to get familiarized with. Only until recently have the mapping apps come around to the point where they provide accurate and timely data analysis and flight programming for a reasonable and accessible cost.

Drone Software Solutions

The Pro version of Agisoft has 3 licensing models including the two models available for the standard edition. Does not export files directly itself, but integrates with AutoCAD products for a wide variety of export options. More customization and pricing models are available on Propeller Aero’s Official website. This rugged light-weight ground controller is powered by Auterion Mission Control and controls all UAS’ running Auterion Enterprise PX4 or communicate over MAVLink.

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Dronelink is an innovative flight app that automates drone missions. Get the best shots on the first try to produce pro-grade videos. Dronelink works on the web, iOS, Android, and DJI monitors including the Smart Controller, CrystalSky, and P4P+. Install it on as many platforms as you want without paying twice. Dronelink’s mission planner generates 3D previews of your entire mission plan in seconds. Verify buildings and terrain by exporting the previews to Google Earth.

  • We support more file types than any other drone compliance software provider.
  • You are likely going to need support at some point, so it is best to avoid companies that offer little more than online documentation.
  • Drones make use of a variety of payloads to achieve their missions.
  • But it is money well spent, as the Photoscan Pro turns the Agisoft Drone Mapping Software into a cutting edge tool that has limitless possibilities.

Our drone software platforms integrated with Normalized Difference Vegetation Index indicators empowers to analyse the health of crop, it eliminates the guesswork. Moreover, it automates the management of farmland by detecting the issues related to the health of crop and export accurate statistics. Integrated with whole data at one platform that in return aids to streamline the workflow. Airos Space is an enterprise drone automation platform which provides drone agnostic software solutions to deploy fully automated.

Commercial Drones Uses – Applications and Benefits for Businesses & Industries

In recent years, the selection of free drone mapping software has become a lot leaner. Some applications that were previously completely free are now also being sold under subscription-based models. The good news is that even the most popular paid drone mapping applications offer limited-time free trials.

Reliable early warnings based on statistically relevant crowdsourced de-identified data from multiple users. High-quality collaborative data informing component performance and issues as a basis for predictive and non-scheduled maintenance. Rapid distribution of service bulletins, airworthiness directives and configuration-related issues to the entire user base. Say goodbye to arduous manual drone flights and embrace autonomy. Enable repeatable drone missions for security, asset monitoring, or progress tracking, wherever you are. While DiaB systems hold immense potential, their adoption today is very limited owing to their complexity and prohibitive cost.

Drone Software Solutions

Ncrypted’s Aerial Crop Scouting software is integrated with the aerial crop imaging, aerial sensor technology that helps for autonomous field management to detect the field related issues. Additionally, it is amalgamated with the accounting systems as a consequence, it allows the farmers to overlay financial data onto the field maps with the help of aerial imagery. The usage of high-end aerial imagery and sensor technology facilitate to detect the issues related to the irrigation activities, soil differences.

Simply plan the flight, let the drone take off, finish the mission and it will come back and land all by itself. If it knows it’s low on battery, it will return home and if you lose connection it will hoover in place until it reconnects. With the massive increase in the volume of air traffic, which includes Unmanned Air Vehicles – UAVs, creating a seamless sky for all users, manned and unmanned, has become urgently necessary.


Search, filter and find the flight data you need to get work done. Analyze fleet compliance data to establish metrics-based evaluation. Integrated mobile workflows, airspace, authorizations and aircraft operation.

Anti-Drone Market To Flourish At A 20.9% CAGR Until 2032, Reaching US$ 7.4 Billion: Fact.MR Report – GlobeNewswire

Anti-Drone Market To Flourish At A 20.9% CAGR Until 2032, Reaching US$ 7.4 Billion: Fact.MR Report.

Posted: Wed, 09 Nov 2022 17:00:00 GMT [source]

Effective – The software is highly capable of creating digital elevation models and point clouds, as well as taking accurate measurements. The 3DR Site Scan software brings accurate on-demand positioning service that can be narrowed down to meters and centimeters, and is simplified by the use of an Android device and Site Scan Cloud Connectivity. Some users complain of occasional issues with multi-battery flights. The big plus that Maps Made Easy has going for it is the per-acre pricing, which is great for occasional users who do not want to sign up for yet another month-to-month subscription service. It does not have the most intuitive of workflows, but the company is young and rapidly evolving. Their mission is to make it easy for solar companies to monitor and assesses performance of PV panels and to use their advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to detect and performance altering deficiencies.

How to Mark Your Drone with Your Registration Number

Not Ideal for Beginners—The only noticeable weakness of the product is it’s feature-rich interface is aimed at seasoned and experienced users and could take some training for new users to feel comfortable with. But Propeller does provides 24/7 customer support to lessen the learning curve. DJI Terra is great mapping software for those looking to enter into the industry. Built by DJI, the world’s leading consumer drone manufacturer, it is straightforward and easy to use.

Toggle between sensors and access features unique to each, like zoom controls and thermal palettes. Maintain awareness of your aircraft’s position and orientation at all times, even while viewing video full screen. The ultimate drone management software to transform your commercial drone missions. Bring efficiency, oversight and compliance to your drone operations. SOARIZON enables pilots, managers, and businesses to simply schedule, send and fly, safe and compliant drone missions all over the world. Whether you are an amateur pilot wanting to develop your skills, a small business looking to scale, or a large enterprise making data-driven decisions.

Track the status of aircrafts to make proactive purchasing and maintenance decisions. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, SZ DJI Technology is among the biggest agriculture drone software solution provider. The company is involved in the manufacturing of powerful drones, along with integrated software solutions to automate various traditional practices related to the agriculture industry.

Another brilliant agriculture drone software solution by Folio3 that has helped hundreds of farmers across the United States is solar inspection solutions. The ability to capture bird eye view imagery of terrain makes drones the perfect solutions for farmers to monitor and evaluate terrain for agriculture. Folio3 terrain mapping solutions offer farmers programmable solutions to perform detailed and real-time terrain mapping of the fields to better prepare for the harvesting. Coupled with powerful imaging sensors, and cameras drone software development drone agriculture software from Folio3 enables farmers to have bird’s eye view imagery for the farm for faster and better management. Some of the imaging sensors that can be used as payloads on agriculture drones include; thermal, LiDAR, infrared, visual, and others; enabling comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of crops. One of the few Russian tech successes in the drone industry, the Agisoft drone mapping software prides itself as the be-all-end-all solution to professional 3D modeling needs for drone mapping.